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Digital Signage = an exciting way to advertise, communicate, educate and entertain. We are your one-stop source for all your digital signage requirements with our easy & affordable systems.

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What is Digital Signage?

Digital signage is an electronic display, usually a large LCD or LED commercial-grade TV, that shows information, photos, advertising and other messages. Advertising using digital signage allows the delivering of targeted information and messages to specific locations at specific times. Digital Signage offers small, medium and large businesses a new way to communicate with their potential customer at a very reasonable price. In a survey done by POP Media, 76% of consumers surveyed said that Digital Signage made their shopping experience more pleasurable.

A few examples of different uses for Digital Signage:

Way finding, advertise, menu boards, inform, donor / sponsor recognition, trade show displays, educate, announce, entertain or generate revenue by featuring other company ads on your screen. These other companies can be some of your products you already sell or other companies that might benefit from your venue’s traffic. Contact us for more details…

Some advantages of
using Digital Signage:

  • Content on digital signs is easily & quickly able to be updated, added and distributed without requiring any shipping costs etc. - ask us about our easy-to-use web-based digital sign content management system
  • Schedule specific content to show at different times / days
  • Less costs involved when compared to traditional signs
  • Proven to influence people’s purchasing decisions
  • Educate and inform the customer on your products or sales promotions
  • Digital advertising is considered very eye-catching and is talked about by customers & competition
  • It has been proven to work 10x better than most traditional media ads to help increase sales and provide customer awareness
  • Generate revenue by displaying advertisements for different companies on your screen(s) - ask us for more details…

digital signage, ontario, canada

Examples of different types of content to display on Digital Signage:

  • RSS Feeds - headline news, sport scores, specific information etc.
  • TV/ Video - display live TV as part of your digital signage or stream videos
  • Weather Forecast - show the local weather or tropical destination weather information (excellent for travel agencies)
  • Promo Info - photos, slideshows, videos, text, advertisements etc.
  • Education - demo a product, explain different services etc.
  • Entertain - offer different fun facts, trivia questions, sport highlights, local events…
  • Web Site / Interactive Content - digital signs can be used in conjunction with a mouse, keyboard or special touch screen to allow people to interact with content
  • Announcements / Alerts - Automate special announcement messages, or alter viewers by flashing a message on your screen(s)
  • Menu Items - your digital sign can be your menu board from which people would choose different meals, drinks etc. - great for take-out places, cafes etc. - automatically schedule different menu items to be displayed at breakfast time, lunch and dinner hours - change prices and other information quickly using our easy-to-use Digital Signage Content Management System from anywhere at anytime.
  • unlimited possibilities… contact us with your questions, there are many different options available…

Ready to find out more?

We work with some of the largest manufacturers of professional Digital Signage solutions, screens, software, equipment and installation services. Please contact us with your questions or any pricing requests…

Some of our clients…

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Digital Signage Samples

Have a look at some of our digital signage that we currently have running on screens at different venues including local restaurants and city hall. Click here to see video samples…

NEW: All-In-One Solutions

Check out our great all-in-one solutions that include the screen, media player and software all for a great price. Click here for details…

Already have a LCD TV?

If you already utilize a digital sign at your venue, however don’t have an easy way of changing and updating the screens content, we have the perfect solution! We offer a small “player” device that hooks on the back of your screen (HDMI) and also connects to the internet. Once this player is activated with our software, you can then easily update your screens content and scheduling etc. just by logging into a secure web interface - therefore allowing you quick and easy access to your digital screens content from anywhere! Click here for more information & prices…

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Digital Signage Software

Looking at deploying either one or many displays as part of your digital signage network? Check out our very easy-to-use digital signage software - easy to install and setup - handles RSS Feeds, Local Weather Forecasts, PowerPoint Slides, Images, Flash Movies, YouTube, Twitter and much more. Schedule your content in different zones on your screen easily with our web-based system. If the internet connection is disconnected the locally stored content on the media player will continue to play and show on your screen. This very affordable system can handle all of your digital signage needs. Click here for more details…

Need content created?

Let one of our graphic / video designers help you create content for your screen from powerpoint slides, photos, videos, tutorials, advertisements and much more. Contact us today for more details…

Where to use Digital Signs

- Schools
- Car Dealers
- Hospitals
- Retail Stores
- Schools / Colleges
- Fitness Studios
- Resorts
- Hotels / Motels
- Golf Courses
- Banks
- Real Estate Offices
- Restaurants
- City & Municipality
- Government Offices
- Coffee Shops
- Museums
- Tourist Attractions
Click here to contact us…

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