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We are excited to launch our Availability / Online Booking System for use on Bed and Breakfast, Vacation Resort, Condo and Cottage Rental web sites. We’ve come up with a very easy to use tool which can be easily incorporated into any existing web site to allow your site’s visitors to see if their desired days are still available to be booked - and then securely conduct deposit payments through credit cards or paypal.

Easy of use, ability to make changes quickly, adjust pricing easily, safe and secure

When we started working on an availability / online booking calendar system aimed specifically for use on Bed and Breakfast and Cottage Rental web sites we first had a look to see what was currently available and being used by many of the establishments. We also listened to our Bed and Breakfast clients that wanted something that was more suited for their use and allowed easy changes to be made to both room descriptions and prices and of course was easy for their sites visitors and also safe to handle credit card and personal data. We think we’ve got all of that and more in this system.

A step-by-step overview of some of the features (see descriptions below image)

availability online booking calendar for bed and breakfasts and cottage rentals, ontario, canada

A - Customized Header - The look of the top can be customized to match your web site’s colours and include contact information such as your phone number, email address and a link back to your web site.

B - Room, Condo, Resort, Cottage Description - This is something that you can easily make changes to in regards to room descriptions, pricing information, restrictions and other important information.

C - Days / Months Already Past - This was a very important feature requested to not allow visitors to see any of the previous days/months/years information as per booked or available. Therefore as soon as a day or month is past it shows up all as grayed out instead of showing the availability or booking information.

D - Ease of Selecting Booking Day(s) - With a simple click of the mouse selecting the day you wish to book and then clicking on the length of days allows site visitors to easily select their booking days. No complicated navigation system that only shows very limited information - we’ve made it very easy to see what is available and to book the day(s). * - the reservation form also automatically displays the date(s) chosen by your site’s visitor.

E - Online Checkout / Secure Payment - We have two options available to securely accept online deposit payments - either gathering the client’s credit card information in a secure fashion that allows you to process the payment using your existing credit card processing account or we also offer PayPal for those establishments that currently don’t accept credit card payments - this is a very affordable and secure method to allow people to reserve your rooms/units with any common credit card or paypal account. All of the information (personal and payment details) submitted is done on a secure site encrypted using a 128 bit Secure Certificate.

Once a customer has entered their day(s) to reserve then an automatic email goes out to both the site’s owner and the guest with a confirmation booking number and booking details.

Click here to view the actual system - give it a try and see how easy it really is…

Administrative Options - As a client of our availability / booking calendar you can securely log in and make different changes whenever you wish including: room/unit rates, room descriptions, tax % amount, rates adjusted by days (for long days / low-season discounts etc.), view previous reservations by room, export all of the client data to be used in marketing materials / record keeping, book rooms - so if someone calls in to make a booking you can quickly go online to show the days as reserved or unavailable if you plan to go on vacation etc. We are also planning on other options such as a newsletter tool to allow you to easily send out newsletters to all previous guests etc.

Special Introductory Pricing
Please contact us for a price quote…

When you sign up with your bed and breakfast, vacation property or cottage rental business we’ll add your establishment to Google as a business listing plus also promote your business on our popular search engine with different banner options and search engine listing (over $300 /year in value).

Other Online Calendar / Booking Systems - We are working on different versions of our availability system for booking photographers, event registrations, campground reservations, and many other options and uses - Please contact us today with your special request and we’ll try to accommodate your needs.

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