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Digital E-Posters = a great, affordable and environmentally friendly ways to display images and video and content that is frequently changing - without having to pay the high costs of printing and shipping posters each time.

E-Poster Digital Signage

ePoster, also called Digital Posters, displays make it easy to replace outdated in-store printed posters and signs with new impactful high-definition digital posters. These sleek new displays feature built-in memory for storing high impact graphics as well as powerful management tools featuring content schedulers, duration timers and special effects editors for image transitions. Retail messaging is easy with these new ePoster family of retail displays. Information is updated through the ePoster’s internal network connection or locally via the USB port using a USB thumb drive. ePoster products are available in various sizes and models and can be free standing or wall mounted. Great for announcing special promotions, computer-generated information or communicating multimedia with photos, audio, signage, and simple video.

All-in-one Digital Poster Displays

These freestanding displays are perfect for displaying retail advertising or informational signage in boutiques, banks and other public locations. Vivid messaging is easily configured in a play list using the included ePoster Manager Express Software and uploaded into each ePoster display over a corporate network or manually using a USB thumb drive.

Customized, automatic start-up and shutdown time

A user can customize and schedule the automatic start-up and shutdown time through the built-in clock, thus effectively avoiding unnecessary use and prolonging the service life of the digital poster, plus saving power.

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