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Probably one of the most cost effective and proven advertising methods available: vehicle wraps. Turn your vehicle or fleet of vehicles into moving billboards. A vehicle wrap not only protects your vehicle from scratches and UV damage, but also help to get your message advertised to many people, everywhere you drive or park your vehicle.

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Get your company’s information on your vehicle in an easy, quick and in-expensive way. A partial wrap means that only certain areas of the vehicle are covered with the vinyl graphics. A great example of a partially wrapped vehicle is putting a full colour decal on the entire back tailgate of a pickup truck.

Full Vehicle Wraps

Many of the wraps we produce are for local companies as doing a wrap usually means that we have your vehicle in our shop for a minimum of 2 days. Our in-door shop offers space for vehicles up to 12 feet high. We can accommodate vans, trucks, pickup trucks and cars.

Fleet Graphics

Need an entire fleet of vehicles wrapped or lettered? We have the experience and facility to accommodate all of your sign and vehicle graphic needs. You supply us with the graphics or we can produce the graphics… your choice.

View-Thru Window Graphics

One of the most popular ways to promote your business is via your back window of your car, truck or van using our view-thru special vinyl film. This view-thru graphic allows the driver to still see right through the mesh of small holes that make up this special vinyl. Your image is printed right onto this vinyl and then applied to the outside of your window. From the inside you don’t see the graphics, it acts like a slight tinting to your window, however from the outside you see the full colour graphics and can only see the small holes if you look very closely at the graphic. We’ve also used this special see through window graphic vinyl on store-front windows and glass doors. For more details please click here…

Miscellaneous Graphic Wraps

Need a trailer wrapped? We can do that. We’ve wrapped many different types and sizes of trailers, motor homes, boats, snow mobiles, motor bikes, airplanes, freezers, laptops, filing cabinets, mailboxes, counters and desks, computers, in-store displays, golf carts, garbage bins, buildings, you name it - as long as it has a smooth surface, we can usually wrap it.

Design & Setup fee:
If you don’t have your own print-ready artwork, let one of our graphic designers help you lay out your vehicle wrap graphics starting at a Custom Quote. Please contact us today for a quote on your design needs…

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Contact us with your details or go directly to our online file upload system to send us your print ready artwork files. We look forward to doing business with you!

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