It’s time to get to know your local businesses, and we at have interviewed a number of our customers. This week we’re featuring Woodley Care Services.


Q: What services or products do you provide?
A: Home care, respite relief, supports for seniors & special needs

Q: How long have you been in business?
A: 7 years

Q: Who is your typical customer?
A: Primarily seniors or someone with special needs, development delays.

Q: What were a couple of your highlights since starting your business?
A: How some treated me like part of their family. Seeing how far my
business has really grown.

Q: How do you attract customers?
A: Advertising on my vehicle and apparel, Facebook, Kijiji, 211, as well as Southwest Health Link, CCAA, LHIN,
Care Partners all refer me.

Q: What changes have you made to your business due to covid?
A: We follow the social distance procedures / sanitize etc. also stricter on quarantines, less staff going house to house.

Q: How did you initially hear about HAVE1.COM?
A: Through the Owen Sound Referral breakfast networking group with Gabe where we met. We’ve become best buddies since.

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The purpose behind Woodley Care Services is to help seniors stay in their home, and enjoy where they are comfortable. Cheaper for families to stay at home instead going into long term care facilities. To provide thoroughly and carefully for the needs of the client, and do so with joy. To help with the extras that home care agencies can’t or won’t provide. And to be assured of seeing the same person on a regular basis, to build and develop trust, and kinship. Respite, for me to come to your home to provide relief for a weekend.

For anyone with special needs kids, you have funding available, but no one to take your kid to school, or spend time during the week in the evenings, or a weekend respite. I’ll provide that.

Anyone at any age can at any given time need the services of a PSW, so that is why I’m offering my services to all ages.