Electronic and Digital Signs

Digital Signage is an exciting way to advertise, communicate, educate and entertain. We are your one-stop source for all your digital signage requirements with our easy & affordable systems.

Digital signage is an electronic display, usually a large LCD or LED commercial-grade TV, that shows information, photos, advertising and other messages. Advertising using digital signage allows the delivering of targeted information and messages to specific locations at specific times. Digital Signage offers small, medium and large businesses a new way to communicate with their potential customer at a very reasonable price. In a survey done by POP Media, 76% of consumers surveyed said that Digital Signage made their shopping experience more pleasurable.

A few examples of different uses for Digital Signage:
Way finding, advertise, menu boards, inform, donor / sponsor recognition, trade show displays, educate, announce, entertain or generate revenue by featuring other company ads on your screen. These other companies can be some of your products you already sell or other companies that might benefit from your venue’s traffic.

Digital Signage Software

Contact us about information regarding the industry’s easiest to use and quickest to launch digital signage software system. This is a web-based system that allows you to monitor your screens from anywhere making it easy to update content and schedule information using your smart phone, pc or tablet.