UV Printing Services

Direct-to-Object Printing

We now have a
Mimaki Flatbed UV Printer!

Print onto many different substraits including acrylic, glass, coroplast, aluminum, wood, plastic, MDF, golf balls, Yeti tumblers, leather and much more!

All in full colour at photographic quality.

Eco-friendly with UV-LED inks

High-performance inks expand the range of hard surface applications

  • Promotional Items
  • Awards
  • Pens
  • Key Chains
  • Small Format Signs & Point of Sale
  • Stationery
  • Golf Balls & Hockey Pucks
  • Tumblers
  • USB Sticks & Portable Hard Drives
  • Boxes & Packaging
  • Control Panels

Mimaki’s UV-LED inkjet printers use UV irradiation, rather than heat, to cure ink and do not require the preparation of plates (ie. screen printing). This immensely reduces the time and cost of production.

Check out what we’ve created in-house at Have1.com!


UV Printer Ink Facts

  • The flexible ink can print on soft materials including leather or polyurethane.
  • The ink adheres very well to various materials especially to acrylic. Examples of ideal applications are indoor signs, trophies.
  • The primer increases ink adhesion to glass, metal, resin, and other materials with surface treatment.
  • The ink is high scratch-resistant, chemically resistant, and has excellent colour reproducibility. Ideal applications are smartphone cases, key fobs made of resins or plastics.

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