Content Management Systems

Update your own web site’s content by using one of our easy, quick and very cost effective content management systems. Change and add content at anytime and from anywhere – no software to install.

Content Management System 2.0 LITE

We’ve made it very easy to update your own website’s content by utilizing our new CMS LITE web update tool… this is the easiest web update tool available. This tool is very cost effective and we can install it on virtually any web site, even if we don’t host the site. Update text, photos & images, web links, search engine keywords and more. With our CMS we have also included an automatic way to backup your web site content as you make revisions to your pages – you can always easily revert back through different previous updates.

Advanced Content Management Systems

We have many different easy-to-use content management systems available that offer advanced functions giving you total control over the growth of your web site… add content such as images, videos, links and text plus add new pages to your site and control each page’s unique search engine data such as keywords, page titles and search engine descriptions.

The HAVE1.COM Content Management Systems (CMS) enables the site’s owner, or their staff, to make instant changes and page additions to any of the site’s content through a user-friendly interface accessed using your web browser. There is no software to install, as the entire system is accessible through a password protected online site. Changes can be made from virtually any computer system, anytime, and anywhere in the world without having to rely on a 3rd party to make these updates.

The savings are 2 fold, no expensive software to buy, learn and keep updating, no paying or waiting for a 3rd party to make your site updates. Keeping your site new and fresh has never been easier, get more clients coming back by changing your site’s content whenever you want – plus get higher search engine rankings by the simple fact of making frequent changes to your site – get your site working for you!

  • Excellent time and money saving tool
  • Very Search Engine friendly
  • Easy to use and implement
  • Keep your site’s content fresh
  • Don’t need to change your web host
  • No software to install or update

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